What is reps scheme shifts?

You are able to add three reps scheme duplicates. Reps scheme duplicates are called ‘shifts’.

Heavy Medium Light shifts are used to define different workout intensities [or different workout weights] while using the same reps scheme.

Let’s say, that you have three Bench Press workouts, that varies in weights during a week:

Monday - Heavy workout

set 1: 250 x 5 reps

set 2: 250 x 5 reps

set 3: 250 x 5 reps

Wednesday - Light workout

set 1: 200 x 5 reps

set 2: 200 x 5 reps

set 3: 200 x 5 reps

Friday - Medium workout

set 1: 225 x 5 reps

set 2: 225 x 5 reps

set 3: 225 x 5 reps

In this case, if you wouldn’t use reps scheme shifts, you would see previous weights of Heavy workout on Light workout day. It does not make any sense, does it? :)

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