What is exercise category?

Exercise category defines specifics of a particular exercise.

Depending on exercise category exercise data table may look different. For example, you will enter only additional weight [+weight] for Weighted Bodyweight category exercise, instead of additional weight and body weight sum.

There are 9 exercise categories:

  • Free Weights [barbell movements]

  • Splits [movements, which require to hold weights separately; Dumbbell Flyes for ex.]

  • Single Arm / Leg [single side movements; Dumbbell Lunges for ex]

  • Assisted Bodyweight [movements, which require special machines to lower resistance coming from body weight; Assisted Pull-up, for ex.]

  • Bodyweight [body weight movements; Pull-up for ex.]. Note: for exercises in Bodyweight category you only need to update bodyweight value once, and all other sets will be updated automatically. 

  • Weighted Bodyweight [movements, which require additional weight to increase resistance coming from body weight; Weighted Pull-up, for ex.]

  • Reps Only [movements, which do not require weights; Ab Roller for ex.]

  • Cardio [activities, which require to track distance or time; Plank for ex.]

  • Machines [movements, which are performed on gym machines; Seated Cable Row for ex.]. Machines category exercises table does not differ from Free Weights category.
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