How to import workout record?

When you receive workout record, you are able either dismiss or import it. There are few import options:

  • Save as routine
  • Start workout

Save as routine option allows you to add new routine and save it for the future use, while Start workout option allows to track workout defined by received record without adding new routine.

Note: you will see senders data [sets, weights and reps, notes] in received workout record screen.

Here is how to open and import shared record (please ask sender to use email for sharing; email is strongly recommended for record sharing)

- open email with shared record
- tap on workout record file icon
- select Copy to ironGAINS from options
- when workout record is copied to ironGAINS, ironGAINS app will be launched automatically
- in shared record screen tap Import
- select Save routine
- Add New Routine screen will be loaded, tap Finish, Yes, save routine
- name routine and save it

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