How to update workout routine?

Update routine feature is for the cases, when you like to tweak your existing workout routine.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open Tracker tab
  2. Tap on certain routine options oval - the one with three orange dots
  3. Tap Update routine
  4. In Update Routine mode you are able:
  • Change the order of exercises
  • Remove exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Change associated reps scheme for exercise
  • Change weight values
  • Change reps values [for None reps schemes only]
  • Add / delete sets [for None reps schemes only]
  • Add / remove warm-up tags [for None reps schemes only]
  • Input / edit exercise hints
  • Add exercises

   5. When you are done with updating, tap Finish on top left

   6. Tap Yes, save changes

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