How to use rest timer?

Rest timer feature is disabled by default.

Rest timer can be enabled on Settings tab.

When you enable rest timer, Auto-full screen feature will be enabled too. ironGAINS app will also ask you for permission to send notifications. Rest timer notifications are handful if you like to jump between apps while workout session is active.

Next time, when you start workout tracking, rest timer feature will be in action:

  • Complete set and tick set status circle
  • Rest timer will be triggered automatically
  • If you haven’t disabled Auto-full screen feature, rest timer mode will be presented in full screen
  • In Rest timer mode you are able to adjust rest after set value, just tap -30s or +30s
  • Rest after set value adjustments will be saved for the next workout session
  • You are able to customize rest after set value for every exercise
  • You can return to exercise data tables by swiping across anywhere
  • To activate Rest timer mode again, tap rest after set value in Navigation bar
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