How to add a new workout routine?

  1. Tap Add new routine in Workout tracker tab
  2. Tap Add exercises in Add New Routine mode
  3. Select routine exercises from ironGAINS exercises base
  4. If you haven’t find certain exercise, you are able to Add a new exercise
  5. Select as many exercises as you need and tap ADD (), where number in brackets stands for number of selected exercises
  6. Congrats, your routine has exercises!
  7. You can describe sets and reps for each exercise now
  8. There are two ways to do it
  9. 1st: just tap Add set and input weight and reps values
  10. 2nd: tap on Reps scheme row and choose from custom reps schemes
  11. When you describe sets and reps for all routine exercises, you will be ready to finish new routine
  12. Tap Finish on top left
  13. Tap Yes, save routine
  14. Type a new routine name and tap Done

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