How to use Apple Watch companion app to get best results?

Apple Watch owners are able to track their workouts using ironGAINS app on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch companion app is like remote control for ironGAINS app on iPhone. To get the best results:

  1. Open Apple Watch app first
  2. Select routine and start workout tracking on iPhone app
  3. Input set data using Apple Watch app and it will be transferred to the iPhone app; data transferred between devices is for current set only.
  4. When you are done with workout tracking, finish it on iPhone app

You are able to complete these actions on Apple Watch app:

  • change set status [tap set status circle]
  • change current weight and reps values [use digital crown]
  • leave failure tag [use deep touch gesture on Set data screen]
  • adjust rest after set value [use deep touch gesture on Rest timer screen]
  • skip set [use deep touch gesture on Set data screen]

While you track workout on Apple Watch, you are free to close ironGAINS app on iPhone or turn iPhone screen off. Although it is highly recommended to stay within the reach of your iPhone.

Notice: Apple Watch companion app will remain in foreground while workout is active.

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