Why do I need grant Health data access?

If you would like to import ironGAINS workout data to the Apple Health app, it is recommended to allow ironGAINS app to write this data:

  • Active Energy
  • Weight
  • Workouts

ironGAINS could update your Weight, if you'd track body weight exercises and input new Weight value using ironGAINS app.

If you allow ironGAINS app to read your Weight, you won’t need to input Weight value for body weight exercises on ironGAINS app. Permission to read your Weight is also needed to estimate Volume and 1 rep max indicators for exercises in Assisted and Weighted Bodyweight categories.

To provide beats per minute (BPM) on Apple Watch companion app, ironGAINS also needs permission to read your Heart Rate.

ironGAINS workout sessions will contribute to the Activity rings.

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