Where is my workouts data stored?

ironGAINS app backups workouts data automatically. All backups are stored on iCloud.

New workouts data backup is created every time, when you:

- save workout record
- add new workout routine
- update workout routine
- edit workout record
- rename workout routine
- delete workout record
- delete workout routine

If you install ironGAINS app on a new device, which is connected to the same iCloud account, ironGAINS app will restore the latest iCloud backup automatically. No additional effort is needed.

You can manage ironGAINS app backups on iPhone Settings app: 

- open iPhone Settings app
- tap on the first table row with your name on it
- tap iCloud
- tap Manage Storage
- tap ironGAINS: Weight Training Log
- on ironGAINS Documents & Data screen you will see all your backups

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