How to track workout?

You are able to track workout in two ways:

  • workout defined by custom routine
  • or Free Form Workout

Here is how to track workout:

  1. Select custom routine or Free Form Workout on Workout tracker tab
  2. Blinking red dot in Navigation bar will indicate, that workout tracking is in progress
  3. To input workout data, you will use exercise data tables
  4. Exercise data table has:
  • Exercise title and personal best set row
  • Reps scheme row
  • Set number column
  • Previous weights and reps column
  • Current workout weights and reps column
  • Set status column
  • Add set link
  • Exercise hint row [optional]
  • Exercise note row

  1. Tap on current weight or reps fields to adjust values
  2. Tap circles to change set status - finished / unfinished
  3. Swipe left on set to reveal features: delete set, failure or warm-up tags
  4. Tap Add set to add new sets
  5. Tap on Note row to leave note for custom exercise
  6. To navigate exercise data table you can tap on different sets or use left / right arrows on keyboard toolbar
  7. - + steppers enables small weight and reps adjustments [-1 / +1]
  8. Tap Finish on top left, when you are ready to finish workout tracking
  9. Tap Yes, save record

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